Glen Simpson

I believe the hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread.



I have been the creative director for Seven13 Studios since starting the joint venture in 2011. We are storytellers for our clients through the use of print and pixels. I thrive on solving branding, balance, and ascetic issues. The stuff that makes designers lose sleep at night.

From a young age I was artist and liked to work on things. My dad’s influence taught me to fix and create things for myself. After high school, I went off to study graphic design at Portland State University. My studies emphasized fine art, community studies and marketing. Several summers were spent working at a local plywood mill with weekends of camping, rafting and mountain biking around Oregon.

While in college, I interned at The Hoffman Group and that eventually led to a Creative Director position managing 7 automotive accessory brands. My clients and past projects run the gamut of industries. I get inspired working in a creative group, but also enjoy being solo and knocking projects off my list. Working with passionate people that are growing businesses and building cool brands is what makes my job exciting.

Outside of work, I enjoy life with my wife, son and pups. We take on lots of building projects at home and I own a couple custom trucks.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. “Design for Good!”